just plain livin'

When I was a kid, I went to this awesome hippy nature camp called Eagle's Nest Camp in Brevard, N.C. "Just Plain Livin'" was a class: baking bread, playing music, taking nature walks, sewing pockets, making windchimes, pressing flowers, writing "i like" lists, foraging for edibles, etc. This represents my current just plain livin' efforts.

Decapitated hare is my new favorite band. I love how brutal they shred in my attic when it’s 2 am. They are movin in.

saw Low perform w/ a dancers last night @ On the Boards-really cool but I couldn’t help wanting a 2nd show of them just performing as Low.

4 yr old Louis says “I peed in the watering can.” It wasn’t an April Fools.

3 yr old Stella tells me, “Amber, your ear is hanging on a lightbulb…April Fools!” WEIRD.

Getting car emission tested. Saw this photo of aurora bridge in 1931!! http://yfrog.com/37og3sj

Founders of @hollowearth (@amberkai & @boontdustie) post top 10 vinyl albums acquired locally http://tinyurl.com/ydgofne (via @hollowearth)

live remote show with john beezer (thrown ups/ stomach pump) at last minute improv at chai house in seattle. st rainbow show!

RT @macklemore: “THE TOWN” Music Video over at 2dopeboyz. http://2dopeboyz.okayplayer.com/2009/12/23/macklemore-the-town-video/

RT @boontdustie: Early Xmas present from @amberkai - 24 mythical Rancho Bravo tamales. Never seen in the wild; a rare treat. http://yfro …

really digging @macklemore jams- one of my faves in Seattle. check out this rad songs for eating and drinking video http://tiny.cc/124ub