just plain livin'

When I was a kid, I went to this awesome hippy nature camp called Eagle's Nest Camp in Brevard, N.C. "Just Plain Livin'" was a class: baking bread, playing music, taking nature walks, sewing pockets, making windchimes, pressing flowers, writing "i like" lists, foraging for edibles, etc. This represents my current just plain livin' efforts.

i’m djin’ on @hollowearth right now. tune in. seaport beat is always local.

I love lavender but not in my mouth. Yuck.

RT: @boontdustie Last night’s Ball of Wax “2 minute singles” was great! I didn’t practice but kind folks helped http://bit.ly/6Tyyqh

I agree @fbaum It didn’t make sense to me that local culture had no influence. Then book goes on 2 talk about Quincy jones, jelly roll, Ray

One of the main reasons we started the radio was b/c we believe local music scene should truly be supported. They ARE creators of culture

And even if bands play to 10 member audiences at house shows or underground dives like jazz book refers to, these contributions are worthy

Let’s get it started! Goin’ to California on Taste the Rainbow (via @hollowearth)

Thinking about a cultural phone app. What does it do and what does it look like? (via @pa4culture)

excited 4 curious mystery show saturday @ the sunset. they are premiering music video that sospunwespunwest.com friends crafted. @K_records

Reading: history of jazz in Seattle book that I borrowed from a friend. Preface talks a lot about method of documenting oral histories.